Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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This is exciting: A team at Massachusetts?General Hospital led by Dr. Denise Faustman have is perfecting a vaccine for fibromyalgia. The cool thing is that it’s truly a fresh vaccine. The vaccine, called BcG, is?A century old and it’s used throughout the world in order to avoid tuberculosis. Funded by using a grant from Dr. Bruce Gilis, CEO of California biotech firm EpicGenetics, who believes that fibromyalgia is due to protein abnormalities in white blood cells. They possess a test called Fm/A that checks because of these abnormalities. Dr. Faustman’s studies show that the BcG corrects these white blood cell abnormalities. If these protein abnormalities truly are the main cause of fibro, it follows the vaccine could provide relief.

Dr. Faustman?happens to be seeking FDA approval to begin trials on the vaccine, and hopes begin recruiting patients to use the concept batch that we get. Keep tuned in.


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